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Gearbox transfer

To schedule the repair or replacement of transfer boxes in Dublin, contact Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre today.

Transfer Boxes in Dublin

In multiple axel powered vehicles, the transfer box is one of the main components. The transfer box receives power from the transmission and sends it to both the front and rear axles through two separate drive shafts.

Many problems with transfer boxes in Dublin can be solved when you bring your vehicle in to Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre. We will ensure to do a careful diagnosis of the vehicle without removing the transfer box. At Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, we have the skill and expertise to repair or replace transfer boxes in Dublin.

Common Transfer Box Problems

The most common problems that we see at Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre with transfer boxes in Dublin are grinding in the gears. When this happens you will most definitely hear it, but you may also see smoke coming from the back of the vehicle.

Other damages may cause the transfer box to become cracked which will cause fluid to leak out of it, and debris to get inside the transfer box. Both of these problems will slowly cause stress on the transfer box over time, and can cause damage to the wheels. Particularly, you may notice your back wheels are not performing the way they should as there is a lack of alignment inside the transfer box.

Repair and Replacement

By making sure that your transfer box gets the proper servicing, you will extend the life of the transfer box. However, there may come a time when you need to bring your car in for repairs or a replacement for your transfer boxes in Dublin.

If your transfer box is broken, we will be able to tell you why and how it is affecting your car. We will also be able to tell you if we think it is better for it to be totally replaced, or if we can repair it properly. At Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, we pride ourselves on giving you the best options for a fair price.

If you have noticed problems with your transfer boxes in Ireland, contact us today.

FAQ About Transfer Boxes in Dublin

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