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Gearbox Rebuilding

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre is available to offer customers a comprehensive gearbox repair service. Our highly trained mechanics are able to completely retool a transmission. This service encompasses all transmissions and all vehicle types. Our dedicated team of mechanics inspect every part of your transmission; looking for the tell-tale signs of wear and tear. Worn-down or obsolete parts can be replaced or upgraded. A transmission rebuilt by Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre is guaranteed to run to the highest possible standard. Our highly trained mechanics combine their years of experience and knowledge with the very latest in car repair technology to detect and correct any faults in an engine’s transmission. Our expert mechanics can in many cases diagnose your transmission problem over the phone and are able to advise you on to proceed with your transmission issue.

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre is Dublin's leading gearbox specialists. We have over 40 years of experience rebuilding both manual and automatic transmission gearboxes. Contact our expert team today.

Fully Gearbox Testing and Inspection

All gearboxes rebuilt by Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre are subjected to our rigorous testing and inspection procedures. Not only do we test the gearbox as a whole but we also run stringent tests on individual parts. Our state of the art Answermatic Valve Tester system individually checks each value to ensure they are fully operational. Our expert team of mechanics are able to find and repair common transmission problems in both automatic and manual vehicles.

Transmission/Gearbox Part Replacement

Along with repairing and completely rebuilding transmissions, Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre stock, source and replace parts. In our Dublin premises we stock a huge selection of spare transmission parts. If we don’t stock a certain part, we can source it from one of the many trusted 3rd party suppliers we work with.


DSG gearboxes or direct-shift gearboxes combine elements of manual gearboxes and automatic gearboxes. These types of gearboxes are often used in Volkswagens and Audi vehicles. Here at Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre we have extensive experience with repairing, maintaining and servicing these types of gearboxes.

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