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To schedule gearbox maintenance or gearbox installation, get in contact with Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre today.

Welcome to Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre is a family run business, operating for over 40 years in Dublin. We specialise in maintenance and installation of manual and automatic gearboxes and differentials. We also supply and fit clutches and dualmass flywheels. 

With over 1000 units in stock, we are guarantee to have the product that you need on site so you are never left waiting for a part. We have decades of experience working with all makes and models of cars, jeeps and light commercials. We are one of the country's leading gearbox installers and our clients travel to us from all over Ireland. 

Our centre is equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities, meaning that our staff can do the required job to the highest standards and best quality possible. Detailed and comprehensive checks are carried out on all gearboxes, clutches and parts before we hand them back to you, the customer. We offer a fast and effetive service, and most of our customers are back on the road in the same day. 

Manual Gearboxes

Automatic Gearboxes

DSG – Dual Shift Gearboxes

Torque Convertors




Transfer Boxes

Testing & Diagnostics

Transmission Repairs 

Gearbox Reconditioning


Gearbox Installation

Gearbox Di-Installation 

Software Maintenancne 

All our work comes with a warranty.

The Gearbox Experts

Here at we consider ourselves gearbox experts. We’ve been working with engine transmissions for years and are experienced in all makes and models of vehicles. Our comprehensive service covers repair, servicing and complete rebuilds. The engine is the beating heart of an engine and thus needs to maintained and only serviced by registered experts. Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre can offer clients the best possible gearbox maintenance. We combine the expertise of our manufactures with the absolute latest in car repair technology.

DSG Specialist and Powershift Specialist

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre are DSG Specialists and Powershift Specialists.

DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox is a transmission system that is used by some of the world’s largest car manufacturers including Volkswagen, Audi and Seat.

Our team also have specialist expertise with the Powershift transmission system which is the preferred transmission system for vehicles manufactured by Ford and Volvo.

Gearboxes Dublin


Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre have developed a sterling reputation for the quality of our gearboxes. Our specialities include manual and automatic gearboxes for cars, jeeps and light commercial vehicles.

Clutch Repairs Dublin


Our team of clutch experts understand the stress a clutch is put under on a day to day basis. As such they have specialist knowledge and expertise in regards to clutch maintenance and clutch repair.

Gearbox Rebuilding Dublin

Gearbox Rebuilding

We offer our clients a complete transmission retooling service. Our service extends to all types of vehicles and all makes and models. Our service inspects every part of the transmission looking for worn or broken components.

gearbox maintenance dublin

Gearbox Maintenance

Our gearbox maintenance service can ensure that any major issues with a vehicle’s transmission are caught early before they turn into major problems. Our gearbox maintenance service ensures your vehicle is running at optimum efficiency.

gearbox installation dublin

Gearbox Installation

We are available to completely install or de-install gearboxes in a range of different vehicle types. All our installed gearboxes are subjected to our stringent safety and efficiency tests before being installed.

gearbox mechanic dublin


For all your vehicle gearbox needs and requirements get in contact with our office today. Our team of experts are available to advise you on the right gearbox solution for your vehicle requirements.

gearbox installation dublin

Transfer Boxes in Dublin

Is your 4x4 experiencing transfer box issues? Don't worry; Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre is here to help! The transfer box is vital in four-wheel drive vehicles, distributing power to both front and rear axles. At Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, our skilled technicians can diagnose and address transfer box problems without unnecessary removal.

Direct Shift Gearbox

Direct Shift Gearbox

Are you seeking a service for your Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG)? Look no further than Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre. Think of a DSG as a more innovative automatic gearbox. It uses two clutches and a mechatronic system (combining electronics and mechanics) to deliver lightning-fast and seamless gear changes, similar to an automatic but with improved efficiency.

Call anytime for a quotation or advice.

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