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Gearbox Installation - De-installation

To schedule a full gearbox installation or de-installation get in contact with Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre today.

Gearbox Installation - De-installation

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre provides clients with a complete gearbox installation and gearbox de-installation service.
Widely considered one of the most complicated jobs that any mechanic can undertake; the complete installation or de-installation of a transmission system needs to be undertaken by gearbox experts.
If your vehicle requires a complete gearbox installation or de-installation don’t take a chance with your commercial van or private car. Allow the experts at Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, to handle this specialist service.
Using the very latest equipment and diagnostic software, we oversee the complete transmission installation or removal.
The transmission is subjected to our stringent testing and inspection procedures to ensure all parts are in full working order. This service makes sure to diagnosis any problems before installation.

Do you require a complete transmission installation and de-installation, then get in contact with Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre today.

Gearbox Installations

Our qualified team of mechanics are able to install a new gearbox in a vehicle quickly and efficiently. With years of experience in the proper installation, repair, and maintenance of transmissions you can rest assured your new gearbox will be installed to the highest of professional standards. We provide gearbox installations to private and commercial vehicles.


Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre can remove an old gearbox carefully; ensuring that absolutely no damage is incurred during the de-installation process. Our qualified mechanics remove the transmission in a timely, professional manner. We provide gearbox de-installations to private and commercial vehicles.

Get in contact with Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre now to have your new transmission installed or your old
transmission removed.

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