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Direct Shift Gearbox

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Direct Shift Gearboxes act in a similar fashion to an automatic gearbox. However, a Direct shift gearbox is essentially two gearboxes working as one. A DSG is connected to the engine by two drive shafts. The system also uses two clutches that are operated by mechatronics. A mechatronic system is a system controlled by both electronics and mechanics.
The major advantage of a gearbox of a DSG system, especially when compared to traditional manual and automatic gearboxes, is that a DSG gearbox automatically prepares for a gear change, allowing for both fast and smooth gear changes.
Direct Gear Box Systems are complex and require specialist expertise during servicing and repairs.

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Direct Shift Gearbox FAQ

  • How do I schedule a direct gearbox service with [company_name]?

    To schedule a DSG repair please call our specialist gearbox garage today. Our customer service representatives will organise a time that suits your schedule.

  • How is a direct shift gearbox different to an automatic gearbox?

    DSG gearboxes are considered semi-automatic gearboxes. While automatic gearboxes use torque converters instead of a clutch. A DSG actually uses two clutches. With a DSG system, when a gear is changed the system automatically prepares for the next change. This allows for faster and smoother gear changes.
    From a driver's perspective, a DSG can change gears automatically while also allowing for manual transmission.