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The Different Kinds of Automatic Gearboxes

Updated: Apr 30

Automatic gearboxes are not new technology, but many opt not to use them in favour of manual gearboxes. Their main advantage is leaving forward gear control up to the vehicle while the driver focuses on the road, although some drivers opt for full control of gears with a manual gearbox.

However, new options have presented themselves in the form of direct shift or power shift gearboxes. These gearboxes offer several benefits over a conventional automatic and could be the technology that draws a manual gearbox driver to an automatic one.

At Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, we offer a wide variety of gearboxes to suit every driver’s needs.

Direct Shift

A direct shift gearbox, also known as a dual clutch, offers substantial improvements over a conventional automatic gearbox. In simple terms, a direct shift can be thought of as an enhanced version of a conventional automatic. Using engine speed, road speed, accelerator position, and many other factors about your vehicle, the gearbox is able to better predict which gear you should adjust to, allowing for smoother and cleaner driving on your journey.

Unlike a typical automatic, a direct shift gearbox is effectively two gearbox mechanisms in one – allowing the unused section of the gearbox to calculate what to switch to while the occupied mechanism controls the current gear selected. The design allows for fully automatic or semi-manual gear switching.

Power Shift Gearboxes

A special kind of direct shift is the power shift gearbox, created by Ford. This gearbox can choose from up to six or seven gears and guarantees improvement of fuel efficiency by up to 10%. This gearbox helps guarantee the efficiency and smoothness of an automatic gearbox, but promises control similar to the feel of a manual gearbox.

Certain Ford models can work with this technology and offer a mode known as Select Shift. This allows users to easily adjust their gear by tapping the plus or minus button on their vehicle’s main interface.

Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre

At Bohernabreena Gearbox Centre, we offer a wide variety of gearbox options and repairs for your vehicle. While promising the best in automatic transmission gearboxes, we also guarantee the best in manual gearboxes for drivers who prefer to use them. We work with customers who come in knowing exactly what their gearbox needs are, while also helping new, inexperienced drivers with picking the gearbox that’s right for them.

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